Junior Livestock Tagging Procedures and Forms

Utah junior livestock tags

Uniform junior livestock tags

All junior livestock shows supported by the Utah State Junior Livestock Association require that animal projects be tagged with a permanent, tamper-proof tag. The association has uniform tags to be used throughout the state. These tags identify specific animal projects, help track ownership, and are required to participate in any state show. Be aware that some county shows will be using the uniform tag and some will not. It is the exhibitors responsibility to make sure they have the proper steer, hog, sheep, or goat tag for the show they plan to attend. 

Tag + Verification = Eligibility

All exhibitors must be verified as Utah 4-H or FFA members in good standing to compete.

Animals must be tagged 100 days before the weigh-in of a show for beef (steers and market heifers), and 60 days for sheep, goats, and hogs. The deadlines for tagging are listed below:

Utah State Junior Livestock Show | Spanish Fork

Beef: January 21

Sheep, Goats, Hogs: March 1

Millard County Junior Livestock Show | Delta

Beef: February 17

Sheep, Goats, Hogs: March 28

Uintah Basin Junior Livestock Show | Vernal

Beef: February 23

Sheep, Goats, Hogs: April 3

Southeastern Utah Junior Livestock Show | Ferron

Beef: March 31

Sheep, Goats, Hogs: May 10

Utah State Fair 

Beef: June 9

Sheep, Goats, Hogs: July 18

Purchasing Tags

 All Utah Junior Livestock Association tags are being supplied by IFA. Please make sure that you use the proper tag per species to avoid issues at the show.

4-H staff, FFA advisers, and county livestock boards should contact Lisa Olsen, Association Secretary (ASAP) to request the amount of tags your county or chapter will need. Additional tags can be requested throughout the year. Exhibitors and 4-H leaders will not be requesting their own tags. Please assist in making sure animals are tagged in accordance with the ownership deadlines. Tags will be available for pick up at an IFA near you.  

Please provide this information when ordering tags: 

1. Name - first and last name

2. County, Chapter or Show you represent

3. Phone Number

4. Email Address

5. Quantity of Cattle Ear Tags ($1.25 price per tag)

6. Quantity of Swine Ear Tags ($1.05 price per tag)

7. Quantity of Lamb/Goat Ear Tags ($0.99 price per tag)

8. IFA pick-up location

Please submit requests by email or text:




UJLSA Entry Form (pdf)


TaggingSheetUtahStateJr.LivestockShow (pdf)


Update - Utah Junior Livestock Association Tagging 1-15-2020 (pdf)